Welcome To My Life

When I have asked other people, they tend to agree that the best way to start this blog is to simply introduce myself...so here goes. I feel like I'm in some kids club where you go around in a circle, saying your name and something interesting about yourself, or at an AA meeting...."I'm Claire, and I'm..."

Well, I am 22 years old, graduated almost two years ago and currently working in retail. I have been accused of being a shopaholic - I love clothes and I often arrive home to some sort of parcel waiting. Of course it isn't just clothes...shoes, bags, jewellery, make-up etc etc etc...I don't tend to find it difficult to find something new to buy.

I love to go out, whether that's having a couple of drinks with my favourites, or going out OUT! Although I enjoy various cocktails, rose wine, or a cheeky shot of tequila, prosecco is my drink!! I like to think of it as the classy girls way to get drunk - although classy may not be the best word to describe myself after two bottles of the stuff. My friends are my life, they are the family that you choose, and it is safe to say I'd be a little bit lost without some of them.

Oh and I'm a sucker for a selfie!!

So what to expect from this blog: a look into the newest products, the products that I love, the places that I go, and just a general look into my life (even though it can get a bit messy). Oh and I've also just moved out of my parent's house, so there may be some posts on my attempts to grow up...well at least I'm trying, right?

Hope you lovely lot enjoy

Claire <3


  1. Really good post! Looking forward to more in the future! x


  2. Fab post - you definitely sound like me, I'm a two bottles of prosecco kinda gal too 😆


    KT xo.

  3. Welcome in the blogosphere, lovely blog!!

  4. Heya, great post & welcome to the community!! x