A Week Until Mother's Day

With less than a week to go now, I have entered into a slight sense of panic. Mother's day is always around the same time as my Mum's birthday (last year it landed on the exact same day) and every year she says the same thing: "don't worry about getting me anything". This must just be habit because she knows that she will always receive something - I mean of course she will, she's my mum and she deserves more than I'd ever be able to afford. 

The past few years I have made my mum breakfast, all ready for when she comes downstairs. I say made - you're probably picturing me kneading dough, but not quite! I would sneak out to the bakery, picking up a variety of fresh croissants, bread, fruit and juices. Even still, my mum would walk into the kitchen with a smile on her face and act surprised (every year...). I'm sure it made a welcomed change from the burnt toast, stale muesli, and cold coffee that she used to get in bed, when my brother and I were children. 

So, as I've spent the weekend scanning pages of online sites and scouring a number of different shops, I thought I would share some of the things that I have come across. Just in case anyone else leaves it to the last minute and could use some ideas...

In my opinion chocolates are a staple part of any present. What girl (or woman) doesn't love a chocolate, and when it's a present, there's no need to feel an ounce of guilt when tucking in.

I'm a Cadbury's kind of girl - give me a bar of dairy milk or a twirl, and I'm happy! My mum, on the other hand, has slightly pricier taste. I suppose what with working and living in Brussels for a few years, with a number of chocolatiers on her doorstep, you can't blame her. 

One of her favourites is Pierre Marcolini.

A couple of the 'best sellers' from the brand include the Malline Voyage (a box of 33 of the chocolatiers most iconic chocolates) for £32.90 and Macaron "L'Audacieuse" (a beautifully presented box of twelve macaroons) for £26.71. Though quite pricey, there are a number of beautiful choices on the website to take a look at.

Currently, there are only three stores within the UK: London Selfridges, London Harrods and Marylebone. However there is also a delivery option, price dependent on location, and there is still enough time to get your hands on these gifts before Sunday!

Lush has got to be one of my favourite shops right now! The mixture of smells and colours, it's hard to walk past the store, without going in. As always, the company has put together a number of sets perfect for the celebration containing a number of their usual fun and beautiful products. These include: Just For Mum (£23.50), Happy Mother's Day (£35.50) and Mum (£27.95).

As hard as it is to go into Lush and not pick anything up for myself, I have my eye on Just For Mum

This is a beautifully boxed gift set, ideal to pamper and bring a sense of relaxation to every mother out there! It holds five different bath bombs: click the links below to find out more about each. 

I attended a work colleagues retirement tea last week, where M&S put together a lovely afternoon tea. Like any afternoon tea, there were: a selection of finger sandwiches, scones with jam and cream, and a number of little cakes - it was very sweet and at £6.95 each, very reasonable. 

For a little extra, you will also be provided with a mini bottle of prosecco (a treat for you, as well as mum). I think this is a lovely idea, to get each mother out of the house, or away from the stress of work, to take a few hours out and enjoy some mother-daughter time (without a huge price-tag). 

I think this is one of the cutest inventions ever! Marshmallows with the pictures of your choice printed on top. At £15 for nine square marshmallows, this could make a nice change from the usual appearance of chocolates. They are definitely a talking point. 
Imagine eating your own face! 

I have purchased these once before for part of a friend's birthday present, and she loved them. 

Should be noted that the photos I used were all from Snapchat - so the quality was not great, but with properly taken photos, they can look even better.

Although not a new store, it is new to me. Looking for a present for a friend last week, and having tried most of the jewellery stores, I thought I would see what they had to offer. So many beautiful, yet simple pieces to choose from and it is definitely a shop that I will go into again and again. A couple of the pieces that I loved included: the Cream Pearl Stretch Bracelet and the Duo of Pearls Necklace.

At £30 for the bracelet and £35 for the necklace, I also think the brand offers excellent value for money.

Well there you have it. A number of ideas for presents, for every deserving Mother out there.
What kind of lovely presents have you lot decided on for Mother's Day?? 
Let me know below.

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  1. those chocolates look mouth watering! <3 lovely post



    1. Aww thank-you! And I know right, makes me re-think the diet.
      Heading over to your blog now sweetie


  2. wow ! loving those chocolates! Yum ! :)


  3. Afternoon tea is the best idea for Mother's Day! Really need to take my mum and some point, I know she'd love it! Those chocolates look amazing too!

    Kirstie | Behind The Scent