My February Favourites

Seeing as February is coming to an end, I suppose this is the post where I talk (a little) about some of the products that I have found, brought, used and loved this month. 

I am an absolute sucker for a new shade of Barry M nail varnish! I mean with the huge selection of colours and finishes, I'm surprised they are able to find new ones to release. And what with their long-lasting wear and £3.99 price tag, what more could you ask for?! 

I love a matte look on my nails, and this colour is no different. It is richly pigmented and gives a beautiful colour and coverage after just one coat. Though as it is a darker colour, I tend to opt for two. The next colour that I can't wait to try is Mocha, maybe this will feature in my March Favourites - who knows?!

Oh and on top of all this, all the pretty colours look lovely displayed on top of my dresser (my best excuse for not tidying them away)...

I love this product, and in all honesty, it isn't a new product for me...though I treated myself to a new one this that counts, right?! It's also a pretty commonly blogged about shade/product, so there probably isn't much for me to add. 

But what I love about this product: I love the smooth formula, it doesn't dry out my lips (which is quite common in other matte lipsticks), and it stays put! There's nothing worse than having to run off the shop floor every few minutes at work because your lipsticks smudged or lost its colour! 

I also really like that it's an everyday colour - I suppose it's nude/brown without being too dark. Also it works on so many different skin tones (it's one of the favourites among a lot of my friends, and works for each of us in a different way!).

And seeing as I get 20% off with my work discount, I might as well continue to stock up!

As much as I love my hair, I don't tend to show it much love - I was 13 years old when I first went to Toni and Guy to have lowlights put into my hair, after that there were years of highlighting, which soon turned to bleaching! I'm now at a dark brown colour, hoping to get some health back into it! Team that with regular straightening and my hair has lost a lot of its life that it once had! 

Because of this, I like to try any new hair products, hoping that they might give it a bit of strength back, and a lot of shine! This shampoo and conditioner combo is perfect for this!! After a couple of weeks of using these products my hair looked nourished, breakage was happening less and overall it just felt and looked stronger (I guess it does exactly what it says on the packaging then). 

Oh and the shine was unbelievable, people asked if I was using anything different - for such a reasonably priced product, it really does work wonders on my hair and I recommend to anyone who wants shinier, bouncier and more manageable hair.

Oh and the smell is lovely - it's honey, but it really isn't too sweet!!!

I remember when I was younger, every year my parents would take me to Penhaligon's. While they were there picking which scents they would ultimately be purchasing one another, I would wonder around, amazed by all the beautifully decorated glass bottles, the stunning variety colours and the mixture of fruity, sweet, floral and spicy smells.

I was sent a tester of a new fragrance that will be available in the Spring: Equinox Bloom. It is a beautifully floral and sweet scent and is described as 'a scent that captures the wild sweetness of the first spring flowers; a blossom that blooms just once a year'. I'm looking forward to Spring, so I can take a trip to the Covent Garden store, where I'll probably still walk around in wonderment. 

One of my New Years resolutions this year was to read more!! Don't think I've read through a whole book, since doing English at A level - and I don't know why, because when I start, I actually do really enjoy reading. 

I do plan on moving onto more serious books in time but I felt this was a good one to get me back into some sort of habit. I honestly found it hard to put this book down, one of my guilty pleasures is a little bit of Geordie Shore, and Charlotte really didn't dissapoint with this book. It is exactly what I expected, hilariously funny, rude in places and just a story that I feel a lot of us can relate to (obviously I'm talking about her life prior to Geordie Shore, and her everyday life, this isn't my way of telling you all that I've joined a reality tv show).

I recommend you give it a read, though I do warn, it's probably not everybody's 'cup of tea'.

Have any of you gorgeous lot tried any of these products, or anything similar? I'd love to hear about some other shades of MAC lipsticks (I tend to get stuck on what I know and love. Probably need to venture out). Oh and any recommendations on books to read would be very much appreciated!!

Hope you all enjoyed reading



  1. Gotta love Barry M. They're definitely my 'go to' nail varnish brand. Burgundy Crush looks super pretty! x

    Xtina G Says..

    1. It really is lovely! So many colours to choose from, I'm like a child in a sweet shop when I'm at the counter xx

  2. Love Barry M nail polishes! I've been after a burgundy for a while - it's now on my wish list �� Hehe! I've also been dying to read Charlotte crosbys book! Think I'll have to add that to me list too! ����

    Rachel X
    ✨ ✨

    1. It really comes out as a gorgeous colour, and I love the matte effect!! And I definitely recommend you read it, don't think I've ever read a book so quick, but I'm onto 'Girl on a train' now, and loving that too xxx