Payday Wishlist (Feb/March)

So it's payday...

It really doesn't matter how much I tell myself that I have 4 weeks to get through, the second that money hits my bank account, there's suddenly a list of things that I either want or need (and let's be honest, times like this, the two things are pretty similar).

After my unexpected spending on a couple of dresses (yes I did keep two of those dresses - number 1 and 5 from 'the Perfect Dress'), I was actually really good the rest of the month. No treats for me. So really...I do deserve a couple now, right? 

So here's the 'few' things that I have my eye on this month...

1. Boohoo Tall Claudia Zip Front Midi Skirt - uniform at work has become stricter and stricter in recent weeks. Skirts have to be longer, so this is me doing as I'm told, with the zip signalling the slight rebel in me...surely they can't moan at that too!?!

2. Grey Mini Zip Winged Tote Handbag - I love this bag, I don't have a grey it's pretty much a necessity!

3. Benefit Dew the Hoola Liquid Bronzer - Benefit is one of the best makeup brands in my opinion. Though slightly pricier than I may hope, their products really do stand out. 
Can't wait for 12th March when this product hits stores!

4. Giorgio Armani Si Rose Signature Eau De Parfum - I have the original Si already, but unfortunately it's running low! I love the smell, but the smell of this is an equally beautiful floral fragrance and it's limited edition. 

So, what do you guys have your eyes on this month? Let me know.
Thank-you for reading


  1. Ooooo I really want that benefit liquid bronzer! I haven't heard of it yet but I will definitely be looking into it. I splurge on my perfume, I can't help it! My go to is Versace Bright Crystal :)

    1. Still waiting for the release date. I love the powder hoola, so hoping I love this too! And ooh, I've never tried it, might just have to

  2. Replies
    1. Isn't it gorgeous!? Went into store yesterday but it was sold out...thank god for online shopping!!