A Slight Real Technique Addiction?

I know these are some of the most blogged about products out there but that's not going to stop me...

If you take a close look at my 'collection' of Real Technique makeup brushes, you may get an idea of just how much use I get out of them. So much so, that the logo and writing has completely rubbed off, of all but a few. 

I love, love, love this brand. 

The brand - created by Youtuber (known as PixiWoo) and makeup artist Sam Chapman (us Chapman girls have to stick together), and her sister Nicola - was founded in 2011 and has since become a staple in the make-up bags of many girls. With the release of new products, it continues to grow, and if possible, become even more popular in the beauty world. 

Simply put: these are great quality brushes, available at a reasonable price. 

It has been over two years now since I started using the brand. I used to be treated to brushes from Clinique and other high-end brands (which, don't get me wrong, I also loved!), but after losing my makeup bag for the second or third time, it was my turn to replace everything that was missing. This made the price of the Real Technique brushes to be one of the most attractive qualities at the time. 

Although each branded brush comes with their own positives, if we are simply looking at price:

(1) Bobbi Brown Powder Brush sells for £47
(2) Clinique Powder Brush sells for £24
(3) Real Techniques Powder Brush is only £12.99

In all honestly, two years ago, I hadn't heard much about the brand itself, and although the bright colours and array of choices made the product stand out on the shelves, it was the Boots "3 for 2" offer that ultimately made me give them ago. 

And I haven't looked back!

I now own a total of 15 brushes from the range, as well as the miracle complexion sponge (their take on the beauty blender), and I have every intention of adding to my collection. 

This post will go on for far too long if I post about every single brush, so instead I will note a couple of my favourites, and most used. So here goes...

1. Powder Brush 

The powder brush was the first that I ever reached for and retails for £12.99 at Boots. It is still one of my favourites from the range, and personally, I use it for transluscent or setting powder, bronzer, and when I'm in a rush, I use it to apply powder foundation. 

The brush is so soft and fluffy (I have definitely just imagined myself saying that in the voice of the little girl from Despicable Me), meaning it is very gentle on the skin, and is not irritating on mine at all. 

When applying any type of powder to my face, this brush leaves a flawless finish as the density of the brush means the perfect amount of powder is picked up from your product of choice (i.e. your face won't end up with that chalky look). Oh and also, I have never been left with bristles stuck to my face (unlike the result from some supposedly high quality brushes that I have tried). 

2. Expert Face Brush

I love this brush and use it pretty much everyday (obviously apart from those days that don't see me leave the house, or usually the comfort of my own bed - umm, you can blog in bed, what's the point?).

The head of this brush is tapered and dense, however the softness of the bristles, still mean that when used on the skin, no irritation is caused. For me, this works best with liquid foundation, and easily buffs the product into all areas of the face, including around the nose (not missing any areas). It is also great for blending, ensuring an even coverage, with a dewy finish.

3. Stippling Brush 

I love this brush, mainly for applying cream brushes, as it gives a subtle and blended finish to the cheeks. Sometimes, I also use the stippling brush to apply liquid foundation - as it gives the skin a gorgeous, airbrushed finish.

Again, the softness of the bristles feel comfortable when used on the skin and like the other brushes I have used from the collection, I have not experienced any of the bristles shedding. 

It does not matter what brand of make-up brushes you purchase, you can never hide from the dreaded chore of cleaning. With so many brushes, this can take a good while, but it always feels worth it once completed. Real Techniques have their own cleaning products: a brush cleansing gel and a brush cleansing palette. I can't wait to get my hands on these. 

If you need any advice on how to use the brushes and other products, the girls have a number of tutorials on the website and also on their YouTube channel. 

So what brand of brushes do you lot use? And if you have experiences with Real Techniques do let me know...

Thanks for reading you gorgeous lot


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