Payday Wishlist (April/May)

Whoever invented a five week month?

I mean the usual twenty-eight days is long enough. And it also leaves me with an extra week to construct my even longer wish-list.

Well, here we go, just a few things to add to just that....

Cocktails in Covent Garden

Plans have finally been put in place, for a day full of shopping and cocktails with the beautiful Christina from XtinaGsays (check out her blog here!) and I am so excited. First choice - a cocktail called #Selfie at the Foundation Bar- the name is enough encouragement for me.

Do I Want a Tattoo?

After going to the tattoo parlour with my flatmate, I am very tempted. The problem is...what do I want? I love the idea of a small tattoo, something cute, a little bow, an infinity symbol, a couple of words? Clearly I have no idea, and I don't want to get anything that I might later regret. So maybe my mum is right, maybe I should just stick to henna.....for now anyways!!

Estée Lauder Double Wear 

One of the girls at work offered to colour match me with this ever popular foundation - it would be rude to say no, right? Having already used the sample she gave me, she can consider me a new loyal customer.

A New Pair of Trainers

When I was younger I used to hate shoe shopping - I can hear the sudden gasp, what kind of girl hates shoe shopping? But my mum and I rarely agreed on a pair, the ones that I loved would always be 'unsuitable'...apparently. 

Now is different, now I have full decision-making power. Next on my shoe list - trainers!! I mean these can be worn on a number of occasions - gym, casual.....gym, oh have I already said that?

Oh and New Gym Clothes

Talking about the gym, I've started going again, and a lot right now! If that isn't a perfect excuse for new clothes, I don't know what is! And there are some really cute items out there at the moment!!! 

What did you treat yourself to this month??

Thanks for reading


  1. Love the name of that cocktail! I love going for cocktails and shopping, one of my favourite activities. I used to always want a tattoo but I could never decide on what I wanted so I took that as a sign I shouldn't get one ha

    Lauren | Lauren the Daydreamer

  2. Fab post, I now want all of this stuff haha! I've been considering getting a tattoo as well, maybe a little paw print on my foot, but we'll see! Thanks for sharing.

    Stacey x