My March Must-Haves

This post should have been written about a week or so ago, but I suppose I've been a bit of a 'bad blogger'. Usual life drama, moving to a new department at work and a few too many nights out (followed by useless hangover days), have meant that no blog posts have been written or published. Saying that, I really need to sort out an actual schedule (oh, and stick to it of course!). 

Anyways, so on with this post!

Let's have a quick look into some of the products that I adored in March...

I love anything that gives my usually dry and damaged hair, a bit of shine, moisture, and 'life'. I used to swear by a few drops of Moroccan Oil, so when I spotted this on the shelves for a fraction of the price, I had to give it a go. 

Simply put, I won't be changing back for a while. 

This product is lightweight and doesn't leave my hair feeling greasy and in need of washing (that'd be counter-productive, right?). Shiny, non-frizzy, manageable, and healthier hair - go on pick yourself up a bottle, how can you resist?

Every girl at some point, has, or will experiment with fake tan. And most will have experienced orange palms, streaky, uneven application, and the countless other bad looks, that using fake tan can result in.

I am so pale, and although I really don't mind this, there are times that I crave a little bit of colour in my life (or more precisely, on my body).

Depending on what my budget will allow I will either reach for St Tropez gradual tan, or St Moritz bronzing mist. I love both! - maybe I'll compare and contrast in a future blog post. So what made me try something new? Honestly...

Queue me getting ready, last minute, for the usual pay day drinks with the girls, pressing the nozzle of my usual tan, and realising the bottle was completely empty. With it being 8pm, most shops were shut and the Rimmel Sun Shimmer was one of the few that I could find on Sainsbury's shelves.

This is an instant tan so the end colour is visible straight away (perfect for these time precious moments). I love the fact that this tan is also waterproof, espectially as that night, I was caught in the rain between getting out of the cab and into the club (for less than a minute but still - you don't want streaks). Oh and it also doesn't have that horrible tell-tell fake tan smell.

So I definitely recommend this for a quick fake tan fix - go on, glow for it! (god, that was cheesy). The only thing I would say, with instant tan, the application process has to be careful, even, but also very speedy, so if you are a fake tan virgin, I recommend a gradual tanner to start with!. 

I think that a lipstick (or some other sort of lip beauty product) will always make an appearance in these monthly posts. It's the kind of product that I can't resist trying something new. 

When I was blonde, I would stick to the pinks, I have probably 10 lipsticks in almost the exact same shade, convincing myself that they are different at the checkout. Now that I am brunette, I am definitely experimenting, learning that I can definitely wear more daring, brighter and darker colours!

Now this is red, red!!! I mean it is called bad blood after all! 

I have a lot of love for matte lipsticks at the moment, especially ones that don't dry out my lips (unfortunately a common result!). This range of Urban Decay lipsticks include shea butter, avocado and olive oil (to ensure added moisture) in the list of ingredients - sounds, and (honestly) feels perfect!

This lipstick is so pigmented and gives a beautiful, glamorous red look to the lips - perfect to add a bold look to an otherwise simple make-up look. It is also very long wearing, though I do find myself checking whether I have smeared it across my face. Should be noted that this tends to be the case with all bright colour lipsticks - I mean no one wants to look like a clown, right?

This is a slightly different addition to my 'favourite' posts. But, I am a complete coffee addict and my Nescafe Dolce Gusto Coffee machine acts as my morning saviour most days.

I roll over in bed, turn off my alarm, and switch the machine on. In a matter of seconds, you are hit with the smell of coffee as the mug is filled - don't be too jealous guys. 

There are so many different capsule flavours to choose from and when I first treated myself to the machine, I went a bit crazy and ordered a box of every flavour available. My faves are : Caramel Latte Macchiato, Chococino and Light Cappuccino. Oh and right now, I am seriously loving the Chai Latte flavour.

If you're a coffee addict like me, you should definitely treat yourself too!!

So from my February Favourites post, you will know that I'm not much of a reader, especially in recent years. Starting off my book journey with an easy, light, funny read of Charlotte Crosby's autobiography, I have tried to move on to other choices.

I actually loved this book, so much so, that I read it within 4 days. This is how I measure how much I enjoy a book, if I can't get into the story, then it can take months, and by the end I usually don't understand, or even remember what happened. That was definitely not the case with this one!!

This was a very popular book when released so I am sure many of you have already given it a read. But for those of you that haven't, I won't give anything away or tell you anymore, just to say that you should definitely give it a go!

So, sorry there has been a delay in this post, and hope you enjoyed. What were your favourites this month? Have you tried any new hair products? What are your favourite self-tan products? And any new book recommendations?

Thank-you for reading gorgeous girls and guys


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